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the Georgia $peedingTICKETKILLER 

What Are My Chances of Winning? page


That is a good question, and one so important it rates its own separate page versus being listed on our F.A.Q. page. Your chance of winning a traffic ticket case in a Georgia kangaroo traffic kourt is less than one percent (< 1%). The odds are NOT good at all. Moreover, there are very good reasons for this.

To date I have watched over a thousand trials. I have seen every type of excuse tried imaginable, from convincing witnesses along with some well thought out and even convincing defenses not patterned along the lines of the one we provide in the Georgia $peedingTICKETKILLER system. Yet they all lose. Here is why.

First, you must understand that if you believe you can go into a Georgia kangaroo traffic kourt, tell the truth, that the judge will be fair and uphold the law, the cop will not lie, and the prosecutor is only seeking justice, YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE HUGE!

  • Georgia’s Inferior “non-jury” Courts

Almost all traffic kourts in Georgia are kangaroo. The reason for that is simple. Most, but not all traffic ticket cases are heard in either a Municipal, Probate or a Recorders kourt. These three kourts are also referred to as “inferior” kourts or “non-jury” kourts as none of these kourts can hold jury trials. In these Georgia kourts, your case can only be heard before a judge. This is called a “bench trial.”

Unjust “you just got kangarooed” decisions from these three inferior kourts can only be appealed to the Superior Court of the county in which you were tried. The judges know this. These marsupials running these charades also know three other important things

  1. You have no clue whatsoever as to how to file an appeal to the Superior Court anyway.
  1. If you did, you most likely did not hire a court reporter so you have no trial transcript.
  1. The Superior Court's “rubber stamp” all the lower kourt decisions.

Let us examine items 1-3 in detail.

  1. Since the judge knows that you have no clue as to how to file an appeal, these marsupials have not a thing to worry about by kangarooing you. They do NOT follow the laws, they abuse your rights, and allow the prosecutor (if they even use one) free reign to get away with everything necessary to steal your money because they know even though they are not upholding the law, YOU HAVE NO RECOURSE to do anything about it. The judges KNOW this.
  1. A Superior Court review of a lower kourt judgment is NOT a new trial, but a review of the record of what happened at your trial. In other words, it is a different judge reviewing what happened at your trial and offering up a second opinion as to what the correct outcome should be. Since virtually no defendant ever uses a court reporter, or has a clue as to how to recreate the events of an unrecorded trial, the judges have nothing to fear by not following the law. As a result, you are kangarooed!
  1. When there is no court reporter, there is no record of what happened or what was even said during your trial, and when there is no record to review, the Superior Courts just rubber stamp the lower kourts verdicts. After all, the rubber stampers of Georgia’s Superior Courts believe they have more important things to do, like conduct murder trials, than to worry about your minor traffic issue.

As you can see, the marsupials running the inferior kourts, your Municipal, Probate and Recorders kourts have ABSOLUTELY no fear of ANY retribution from you whatsoever. Therefore, they could care less about justice. They just want your money. Think not? Better think again.

Most Municipal kourts only hold kourt once or twice a month using a part time judge and prosecutor who are simply moonlighting at an extra job. The judge is almost always appointed by the mayor and city council.

Keep this in mind. This part time judge is not doing this extra evening work away from his family for FREE. He is doing this to make a buck $$$. Now ask yourself, just how long do you think he will keep that part time appointed job if he finds many people NOT GUILTY? Not too long because the mayor and city council will UN-appoint his sorry @ss faster than you can believe because that dries up money from two different angles. First, the judge finding people not guilty, then from the cops who  just stop issuing tickets when they see the judge finding people not guilty. It is a double-edged sword. As a result, you are virtually assured to get kangarooed in a Municipal kourt.

Your Probate kourt judges are even worse. EVERY SINGLE TIME a person is found guilty of a traffic crime in a Probate kourt, an additional surcharge or junk fee is added to the base fine specifically to fund the Probate judges’ retirement account.


Judges of the Probate Kourt Retirement Fund Surcharge OCGA 47-11-51 (if you are convicted in a PROBATE Kourt only)

For any fine or bond forfeiture of more than $4.00, but not more than $25.00


For any fine or bond forfeiture of more than $25.00, but not more than $50.00


For any fine or bond forfeiture of more than $50.00 but not more than $100.00


For any fine or bond forfeiture of more than $100.00


Therefore, the incentive for the Probate kourt judge to find you guilty should now be crystal. Since most speeding ticket base fines will exceed $100.00, every guilty decision from the Probate judge just added another $2.50 to their retirement fund. That is what we mean when we say that most judges have a financial interest in the outcome. Finding you guilty keeps them their job, or to provide for their own retirement.

Readers, is this unbelievable or what? Wish you could fund your retirement this way? Off the backs of innocent victims? See why virtually every defendant will lose in a Probate kourt regardless of his or her actual guilt or innocence? Does this seem right to create a financial incentive for a Probate judge to find you guilty? I know this is hard to believe, but it is certainly TRUE!

Recorders kourts in Georgia? They are even worse than the Probate and Municipal kourts for getting kangarooed. At least in the Municipal and Probate kourts you have a right to a Direct Appeal to the rubber stampers of the Superior Court, where eventually you can find justice in the Georgia Court of Appeals. You do not even have the right to a direct appeal to the rubber stampers from a Recorders kourt. You have to ask the rubber stampers' permission first. How often do you think that permission is actually granted by the rubber stampers? Answer, not often.

  • Your Courts of Record

Your Courts of Record are your Superior Courts and State Courts. Not every county has a State Court. Currently only about one third of Georgia’s counties have a State Court. This is where your minor misdemeanor case would be heard if you are arrested outside a city limits and the county has a State Court.

State Courts are Courts of Record. What that means is they can hold jury trials, and appeals are DIRECT appeals to the Georgia Court of Appeals. You do NOT have to go through the rubber stampers of the Superior Court first to file an appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeals. State Courts are, from my experience, a lot less kangaroo. This is mainly because it is a lot less difficult in getting an appeal before the Georgia Court of Appeals and Mayors and City Councils do not appoint these judges for the sole purpose of being their city “fine collector.”

You will ONLY ever find yourself in a Superior Court when you demand a jury trial from one of the inferior kourts.  Your Superior Courts are the only courts that handle felony cases, and are a DIRECT appeal to the Georgia Court of Appeals. Most State and Superior Courts have court reporters available for you to hire at the last minute as well.

So as you can see, unless you demand a jury trial, or are arrested outside the city limits in one of the 1/3 of Georgia’s counties that have a State Court, your traffic case will almost certainly be heard in one of the three inferior kourts. Kourts where the judge knows that when (not if) he kangaroos you, there is NO chance you will be able to do anything about it. Therefore, justice is RARE indeed in Georgia’s Municipal, Probate and Recorders kourts.

As a result, your chances of winning in a Georgia traffic kourt are next to nil. It does not even matter what type of defense you have, or how good a defense you think you have, you most likely will still lose.

The Georgia $peedingTICKETKILLER system works completely different from anything ever before used in Georgia kangaroo traffic kourts. We teach you how to apply proper legal strategies against the state’s evidence so that even though you are in the right, if you are kangarooed you can file the appeal from the comfort of your home PC and eventually prevail.

All of our strategies are designed to “legally” preserve the very issues that then MUST be considered by the Georgia Appellate Courts. We teach you how to hire a court reporter or do the same job yourself that is legally binding on the kourts.

If you do NOT go into a Georgia traffic kourt with a sound legal defense strategy, you are doomed to failure and you will be kangarooed, and then robbed.

Georgia law allows the judge (aka the city fine collector) to have an absolute right not to believe any witness. I have no problem with that. That is how it should be. The problem is, the judges NEVER believe ANY defense witnesses, EVER. They simply blow them off as biased and lying on your behalf. That is why in our book we teach you to simply leave the witnesses at home. I can assure you that bringing your 85-year-old mother into kourt to testify that she was in the car with you and that you were not speeding will not be believed by the Probate judge looking to pad her retirement fund by another $2.50. Do you?

Our system takes you into kourt armed with a sound legal defense strategy. A strategy that not only is very effective at winning from the onset, but also preserves all issues for appellate review along with a record to review.

If you are kangarooed (and you probably will be), we guide you step by step through the appeals process from the lower kourts all the way to the Georgia Supreme Court if necessary, all from the comforts of your home PC. Eventually you can prevail against these marsupials.

What are your chances of winning? Without going into a Georgia traffic kourt with the Georgia $peedingTICKETKILLER system, you have virtually no chance. That should be very clear now.

The Georgia $peedingTICKETKILLER system is highly effective. You either win in the trial kourt, or eventually prevail in Georgia’s Appellate Courts, but prevail you eventually will. It all depends on how bad you want it, or need it.


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