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All New and Updated 5th edition 2013

 the Georgia $peedingTICKETKILLER

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speed limit

The General Assembly properly could consider the historic fact that some municipalities and counties in Georgia have abused and misused the speeding laws to produce local revenues.

                                              Georgia Supreme Court  1982 (Wiggins v. State)



You have made the right choice to fight back and win!

This is Trial by Ambush, ... trial by Surprise Attack!

I fought the law and the, law LOST!


 by Kenneth Waters
Hiram, Georgia

Most Georgia citizen$ just pay up, and that is what they are always counting on. Fortunately for us, prosecutors in a speeding ticket trial are lazy, inexperienced and are primarily counting on your ignorance to win. They are there generally because no law firm in their right mind would hire them as a real attorney.

I can guarantee you that both the cop and the prosecutor are not going to be prepared for a Georgia $peedingTICKETKILLER type Surprise Attack! After all, what layman has even a clue as to what to do? Unless you prepared yourself with the type of information contained within the Georgia $peedingTICKETKILLER system, you wouldn't either.

Beat Traffic & Speeding Tickets

Welcome to the internet's best site for information on defending oneself in a Georgia kangaroo traffic kourt.

We are the # 1 internet site specializing in helping Georgia drivers defend their good record against most commonly cited traffic tickets, and speeding tickets. A traffic ticket or speeding ticket can be very costly, ultimately costing you not only the amount of the ticket, but also considerably higher insurance premiums. You do not have to accept a predetermined outcome that you do not deserve! Let the Georgia $peedingTICKETKILLER system help defend you in court and help you win your case.

Protect your good driving record and your low insurance rate from the impact of speeding tickets, and other types of traffic tickets today.

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